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Fruit Orchard & Farmers Market In Lancaster, PA

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Orchard Events & Ripening Dates

We are pleased to offer these varieties through out the growing season. We have approximately 60 varieties of cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, apples and plums. In addition, we also offer pick your own pumpkins. See our full ripening dates below.

Harvest Guide

These are APPROXIMATE ripening dates. Every year there is a slight variance in dates due to changing weather patterns. Please call for current availability.


Mid June Sweet Cherries
End of June/early July Pie Cherries


Early August Redhaven
Early August Newhaven
Early August John Boy
Early August White Lady
Mid August Glowhaven
Mid August Sunhigh
Mid August Coralstar
Mid August Bounty
Mid August Loring
Mid August Sugar Giant
Mid August Flamin Fury 24
Mid August Gloria
Mid August Cresthaven
Late August Blake
Late August Messina
Late August Flamin Fury 25
Late August Jersey Queen
Late August Snow Giant
Early September Encore
Early September Laurol
Mid July Plums & Apricots as well as Early Peaches Available in Outlet Store


Early August EarliGold
Early/mid August Early Mac
Mid August Paula Red
Mid August Ginger Gold
Mid August Zestar
Mid/late August Rambo
Late August Jonamac
Late August Gala
Early September Fuji
Mid September Honey Crisp
Mid September Cortland
Mid/Late September Red Delicious
Mid/Late September Golden Delicious
Late September Empire
Late September Fortune
Late September JonaGold
Late September Ida Red
Early October Northern Spy
Early October Smoke House
Early October York
Mid October Rome
Mid October Stayman
Mid October Cripsin
Mid October Enterprise
Early November Breaburn
Early November Arkansas Black
Early/mid November Pink Lady